Supporting the transition to a sustainable economy and society

Developing an ethics and integrity framework for research and innovation activities that addresses environmental and climate challenges

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About the Project

Research Ethics and integrity for the GREEN transition (RE4GREEN) is a three-year project funded by Horizon Europe aiming to develop an encompassing framework supporting the transition to a sustainable economy and society. This framework will address ethics and integrity concerns in two key areas: 1) research and innovation with potential environmental and climate impacts and 2) knowledge and technologies developed to tackle environmental and climate challenges.

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Basic Objectives

Map environmental and climate ethics in the context of research and innovation (R&I) and identify key ethics and integrity challenges for R&I in the green transition and gaps in operational guidelines and training.

For bottom-up engagement, awareness raising, and exchange across stakeholders of the European Research Area and beyond about environmental and climate ethics for research ethics and integrity frameworks, informing identification and analysis of issues and development of guidelines and recommendations.

Operational ethics & integrity guidelines, including the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity, & elaborate recommendations to account for environmental & climate ethics

Traditional and online research ethics and integrity TRAINING programmes on climate and environmental aspects of R&I.

Main Output


Operational climate and environmental ethics and integrity guidelines

Policy Recommendations

Integrating climate and environmental ethics into ethics and integrity resources

Training Materials

Programmes to ensure R&I activities holistically contribute to the Green Transition

Target Groups

  • Researchers & Research Performing Organisations
  • Industry
  • Research ethics committee members
  • Research integrity experts
  • Research managers and administrators
  • Policymakers
  • General Public

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